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Grower Day

Assessing and managing frost-damaged grape vines

OMAFRA’s Kathryn Carter has created a resource for assessing frost damage on grape vines, the potential impacts it could have going forward and how to manage frost-damaged vines.

Grower input requested for European corn borer survey

As part of a harmonized monitoring protocol, growers are asked to report any ECB eggs, larvae or damage they find in any host crop via the early/mid-season and late season surveys.

Podcast: In conversation with Top 4 Under 40 winner Nicholas Ploeg

Nicholas Ploeg of Sunrise Potatoes discusses the power of learning what the crop is telling you, rolling with the punches in a swiftly changing industry, and the value of efficiencies for a growing operation.
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Vegetable crops

  • Coragen insecticide defends the yield and quality of high-value vegetable crops against pests such as cutworm, armyworm, diamondback moths and cabbage looper, while leaving helpful beneficials alone.
  • Stops feeding quickly and delivers long-lasting residual control at all growth stages

And for all crops, Coragen insecticide has minimal impact on bees, beneficials and pollinators.*

* When applied as directed by the product label. In line with Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices, insecticide applications should be made when pollinators are not foraging to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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Featured News 

Automating mushroom harvest

Growing and harvesting mushrooms is a labour-intensive, complex process. Hand-picking remains the best way to ensure low rates of damage, but it is demanding work. Mushrooms are grown and harvested throughout the year and it takes training, skill and a lot of manual labour to do it right. A group at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario is working to solve this challenge. » Read more...

Strawberry PYO season kicks off early in Ontario

It’s pick-your-own strawberries season in Ontario once again, and business was already booming on June 11 at Meadow Lynn Farms in Simcoe, Ont. Sharon Judd, co-proprietor of the mixed farm, notes that the weather extremes have been unexpectedly beneficial to the crop, but more rain and less heat are needed for the berries to last the typical month-long season. » Read more...
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Annex Bookstore

Color Atlas of Postharvest Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

The effects of time and temperature on the postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables are visually depicted in the Color Atlas of Postharvest Quality of Fruits and Vegetables. Through hundreds of vibrant color photographs, this unique resource illustrates how the appearance (e.g., color, shape, defects and injuries) of fruits and vegetables changes throughout their postharvest life and how storage temperature greatly contributes to critical quality changes.

The book’s extensive coverage describes 37 different fruits and vegetables from different groups that were stored at five specific temperatures and photographed daily after specified elapsed periods of time.

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Canadian Fruit & Vegetable Summit

The recorded live and on-demand sessions are now available! » Learn more