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FCC: Considerations when deciding to invest in irrigation

With the wildly varying levels of moisture seen across the country in the past twelve months, water management is on the mind for many Canadian farmers. One option: irrigation.

MM: Increasing long-term soil carbon storage

The research is part of a UC-Davis cropping systems trial started in 1993, examining the long-term sustainability of soil health-building practices in irrigated Mediterranean agro-ecosystems of northern California.

Making irrigation decisions with weather data

May 2021 was a dry month for large swaths of the country. Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA water quantity engineer, breaks down evapotranspiration and how it can be used with weather data to make irrigation decisions.

B.C. growers adapt to water use pressures

British Columbia growers faced a year unlike any other in living memory in 2021, as six months took them from some of the hottest days on record to an extended cold spell where windchill drove temperatures to -20 C. Combined with this was the kind of precipitation patterns climate change models have been predicting for decades, with some growers losing access to irrigation water. » Read more...

PIC: Water, water everywhere

One key reason potatoes in southern Alberta thrive is because of the region’s robust and expansive irrigation network. In October 2020, the United Conservative Party announced a massive $815 million stimulus to southern Alberta’s irrigation districts through increased storage capacity, water use efficiency and water security, and offered the potential of bringing marginal land into production. » Read more...