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OMAFRA: Be on the lookout for downy mildew in cucurbits

Cucurbit downy mildew has been identified in New Jersey as of June 11, so growers along the Great Lakes should begin actively scouting for the disease according to Katie Goldenhar, OMAFRA plant pathologist.

Video: On spotted wing drosophila

Jesse MacDonald, knowledge and technology transfer specialist with AAFC Summerland in British Columbia, discusses spotted wing drosophila and research conducted on the invasive pest.

Bringing the Crazee Mite to the Canadian market

Commercializing any new biocontrol agent is not easy, especially when it’s a cannibalistic, predatory mite that eats everything in its path. Researchers at Vineland saw potential in Anystis Baccarum.

Enjoy the versatility of use in multiple crops, with conventional chemistry or in organic production.

Serifel® is a highly effective, biological fungicide for a wide range of crops. It complements chemistry-based solutions, or it can be used in organic production. Serifel includes multiple unique modes of action that form a protective shield against disease. And with zero PHI it protects your crop – a fact you’ll appreciate near harvest time.

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Small but mite-y

Have you noticed your stored garlic shrinking and developing brown spots? You might have garlic mites. OMAFRA’s Travis Cranmer, says these mites have been more prevalent in 2021 due to the extremely wet, humid periods during harvest, especially during curing – creating favourable conditions for the mites. » Read more...

PIC: A double whammy for tuber marketability

Potato mop-top virus is a tough-to-control, soil-borne pathogen. The only known way this virus can infect a potato plant is by being carried into the plant by the pathogen that causes powdery scab. AAFC’s Xianzhou Nie is looking to learn more about PMTV in Canada, to develop a better way to detect both pathogens, and to find options to help manage the two diseases. » Read more...