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Is your soilless mix doing the job?

Improvements to both the ingredients and our understanding of what container plants require have greatly improved over the years. So how can you leverage that knowledge?

Tips on thrips: management in greenhouses

One of the most predictable and chronic pests of greenhouse crops is the western flower thrip. Also contributing to its destructive potential is the practice of year-round cropping.

New technology for water treatment

Water quality and quantity are key factors in producing high-quality plants. But how can treatment systems be customizable, require minimal maintenance and still be cost-effective?
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Greenhouse Technology and Management, 2nd Ed.

Greenhouse cultivation has expanded in recent decades with increased demand for horticultural production. This book covers current technologies and management practices of general greenhouse production, with a particular emphasis on plastic greenhouses and vegetable growing.  

The author begins by addressing the natural greenhouse microclimate, in the context of managing greenhouse systems such as ventilation, cooling, heating, carbon dioxide enrichment, light management, crop physiology, greenhouse design and construction criteria. The book then moves on to cover other issues of greenhouse management including irrigation and fertilization, soil and substrate cultivation, plant protection, regulation, economic analysis, environmental impact, and post-harvest production strategies and marketing. >> Order Now!
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Three D’s: Disease, disease triangle and diagnosis

The disease triangle is a concept used to explain factors necessary for disease to occur. Disease only happens when a virulent pathogen is present, the plant is susceptible to the pathogen and the environment is conducive for disease. If one of the three components is missing, then disease will not occur. That is why when we think about preventing plant diseases, we should ask ourselves, which parameters can we control? » Learn more

Inside the Science: The Tomato Story

May 16
Location: Vineland Station, ON
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Greentech 2018

June 12-14
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Salon du Végétal

June 19-21
Location: Nantes, France
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Grower Day

June 20
Location: St. Catharines, ON
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