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March 19, 2019
GH Webinar

Margins slim for producers, Alberta reports

The gross revenue generated by Alberta's greenhouse industry in 2017 was estimated at $179.9 million with an investment or total asset value of about $328.5 million.

Making fresh produce globally accessible

Mastronardi Produce is teaming up with entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, bringing fresh produce to underserved markets around the globe with 'advanced high-density farming systems'.

Quebec cannabis producer acquires Newstrike

HEXO has acquired Oakville-based Newstrike, parent of Up Cannabis Inc. This includes 470,000 sq. ft. in production space and a branding relationship with The Tragically Hip.
Featured News 
spider mites

Resistant two-spotted spider mites in tomatoes

One of the most problematic pests, the two-spotted spider mite (TSSM) feeds on more than 150 crops worldwide. TSSM is also at the top of the list of global pests that are resistant to pesticides, specifically acaricides, the chemical products developed to control spider mites. TSSM have known resistance to over 95 active ingredients. » Learn more

Pythium in greenhouse vegetables

Pythium species are fungal-like organisms (Oomycetes), commonly referred to as water molds, which naturally exist in soil and water as saprophytes, feeding on organic matter. Some Pythium species can cause serious diseases on greenhouse vegetable crops resulting in significant crop losses. » Learn more

Let’s Talk Disease: Fusarium Basics

March 20, 2019
Location: Online Webinar
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World Floral Expo

March 20-22, 2019
Location: Chicago, Illinois
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California Spring Trials

March 23-27, 2019
Location: California
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CPMA Convention & Trade Show

April 2-4, 2019
Location: Montréal, QC
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