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July 16, 2019

Keeping tabs on the European corn borer

The European corn borer (ECB) is a boring little brown moth, notes OMAFRA greenhouse vegetable specialist Cara McCreary, but their larvae are anything but.

Monthly poinsettia pointers

Poinsettia don’t have many problems, note OMAFRA floriculture specialists Dr. Sarah Jandricic and Dr. Chevonne Dayboll, but when issues arise, they can hit a crop fast and hard.

4 tips for succession and estate planning

Succession planning is much more than just having a will. It extends to business structuring to make transitions legally smooth and tax efficient.
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Greenhouse Design and Control

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The control system is presented as an integral system which covers the explanation of basic and advanced concepts for a real time controller. Also, structural analysis is introduced, whereby mechanical design is regarded as a key factor.

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nutrition for biocontrol agents

Ensuring nutrition for biocontrol agents

Researchers have developed a more sustainable method to keep crops safe from pests. Typically, producers invest a significant amount of their crop production costs towards purchasing and applying biological control agents to fight pests. Once they do their jobs, however, control agents tend to disappear from crops because their food source (the pest) is gone. » Learn more
Sulphur in chrysanthemum

Reducing sulphur in chrysanthemum

While sulphur is applied at the lowest concentration of all the macronutrients in fertilizer solutions, it is typically applied in excess of the plant’s needs. Recently, University of Guelph researchers tested methods for reducing sulphur supplied to sub-irrigated, potted, disbudded chrysanthemums, decreasing sulphur delivery by over 87 per cent. » Learn more

New Blooms

July 18, 2019
Location: Sturgeon County, AB
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ASHS Conference

July 22-25, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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Sawaya Garden Trials

July 24, 2019
Location: Simcoe, ON
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Nursery/Landscape Expo

Aug 8-10, 2019
Location: San Antonio, TX
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