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Ontario invests in free boot camps for hands-on training in skilled trades

The province is helping up to 2,100 young people access training and networking opportunities to support a future in the skilled trades, including horticulture technicians.

A.M.A. founder Monsma passes away at 87

Allen Monsma founded A.M.A. in 1982. Since then, the company has expanded to become a leading horticultural supplier in North America.

Greenhouse vegetable competitions return, reveal winners in Essex County

Greenhouse industry growers and marketers entered 125 products into the competitions and delivered to 30 judges across Essex County.
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Protect your plants with Kontos

Kontos™ is the only true systemic insecticide – offering bi-directional movement in the plant, and making it an ideal option for tough to control pests. It can be used as a drench or foliar treatment on a broad range of insects in ornamental, or as a foliar spray to control aphids and whiteflies for greenhouse vegetables. Kontos is an IPM compatible Group 23 insecticide, it is both xylem and phloem mobile active, and it delivers long-lasting effects for up to 30 days.

Get better control over greenhouse and ornamental pests with Kontos.

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Venting naturally in the summer

Temperature and humidity – maintaining this balance can be a constant source of struggle for greenhouse producers. As summer time rolls around, sometimes the simplest forms of ventilation can make the most sense in time and expense. » Learn more
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Light abatement bylaws in effect – Now what?

Canada’s low light and temperatures translate to a high light, high temperature requirement for greenhouse crop production. So what are growers to do, when light abatement bylaws impact not just the way they grow but the way their crops yield? In short, adapt and overcome. Here’s how. » Learn more
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Annex Bookstore

Aeroponics: Growing Vertical

Aeroponics: Growing Vertical covers aspects of the emerging technology, aeroponics, which is a sister to hydroponics, involving state-of-the-art controlled environment agriculture. The book begins with an introduction of aeroponics followed by a summary of peer-reviewed technical literature conducted over 50 years involving various aspects of aeroponics. It covers the science and all the patent literature since 2001 to give the reader a comprehensive view of the innovations related to aeroponics.

Be sure to check out the Annex Bookstore virtual booth at Grower Day June 22nd. Register to attend now.

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GH Tech Awards


Cultivate ‘21

July 10-13
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New Blooms

July 15
Sturgeon Country, AB
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