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Canada announces $900,000 investment in Agtech Accelerator

The long-term goal is to solidify Regina and Saskatchewan as a global agtech hub that is focused on the agri-food value chain.

Selecta announces strategic alliance with Moraglia

Announced in a press release last week, the agreement came into effect at the beginning of the year.

Seasonal workers arrive in Ontario for greenhouse growing season

Approximately 3,000 seasonal workers from Mexico and the Caribbean began arriving throughout January at greenhouses in Leamington, Niagara and other parts of Ontario
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Planning for more resourceful water use

When growers approach me about building a greenhouse, my first suggestion is to buy a property with access to good quality water. Water management and water security – both from a farm level and from a regional or global level – are absolutely essential. » Learn more

Rooting for success mid-air

Aeroponics, as most know, is a growing method where fertilized water is misted or sprayed onto roots kept in darkened chambers. Collectively, the entire aeroponics system still incurs higher capital costs than hydroponics. Are the end results worth the added investment? » Learn more