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Photosynthesis unaffected by increasing carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes

Modifying photosynthesis has increasingly been a research target to improve crop yields to feed a growing global population in the face of climate change and other environmental factors.

Laying the groundwork for a water-efficient future

A look at Qualitree’s expansion and the ongoing evolution of their irrigation and water treatment systems.

Rewatch: Reducing Carbon Emissions – Now and in the Future

What can greenhouse growers and vertical farming operations do to reduce their carbon emissions both now and over the next decade? This webinar will be centred around three main pillars: natural gas, demand-side management and low carbon solutions.
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Math for the Green Industry: Essential Calculations for Horticulture and Landscape Professionals

Get this comprehensive guide to the use of math in the Green Industry.

Designed for both students and practitioners in the Green Industry, this book offers full coverage of the calculations necessary to effectively, safely, and economically manage a Green Industry operation.

The authors provide clear explanations of all relevant mathematical principles and cover calculations inherent in all aspects of the Green Industry, from determining area and volume, to the application of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators, to preparing design and installation cost estimates.

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Hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics and other techniques

It was 1980 when I first had to learn about hydroponics, a word that literally means “water works.” During that time, it became impossible to grow greenhouse vegetables in the soils of Alberta. Root knot nematode affected the production of cucumbers to such an extent that the economic viability of the industry was threatened. There were two commonly used methods to disinfect the soil: steaming and using chemicals like Basamid. Neither of them worked because the nematodes had “learned” to move away around the greenhouse poles or into nooks and corners before moving back to the plants and infecting them all over again. » Learn more

Op-ed: Growing cannabis successfully across Canada’s climate zones

Environmental conditions in Canada follow a gradient of sorts from south to north. Along the southern border there is a pronounced milder, coastal influence where the successful planting and harvesting of most photoperiodic cannabis varietals is possible outdoors. As you move north into colder, harsher and more variable conditions, autoflowers become the ideal choice for outdoor. Different from most commonly cultivated “photoperiod” types, autoflowers don’t rely on light cycles to determine flowering. They can also give you the added predictability of knowing you can harvest within 100 days or less from planting. » Learn more
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Red Sun Farms named WECC large company of the year

Red Sun Farms is proud to announce that it has been named Windsor Essex Large Company of the Year for a second time. This prestigious recognition reinforces our commitment to the local community and reflects the dedication of our team. » Read more...

Ever Tru Farms celebrates its consumers for national strawberry month

The strawberry producer offers a month’s free supply and a personalized tour of the greenhouse. » Read more...

Grower Day 2022

June 22-23, 2022
St Catharines
» Learn More

Watch: CAST 2022 (Day 2)

10 highlights from Day 2 of the California Spring Trials 2022. » Watch Now

Watch: CAST 2022 (Day 3)

Representatives for Danziger, Takii, HilverdaFlorist, and Sakata Seed are tasked with choosing their top one or two favourites from their respective new introductions for 2023. » Watch Now