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Nedre Hanasand increases tomato yield by 30% using Philips LED grow lights

The farm wanted better and more energy-efficient lighting that could contribute to the high-quality tomatoes they supply.

Berg Hortimotive adds new type of pipe rail trolley

Besides the new BeNomic EasyStar, the two existing pipe rail trolley variants have been optimized and renamed at the same time.

Vineland examines ways to manage produce waste byproducts

Approximately 74 per cent of Canadian fruit and vegetable waste occurs before reaching consumers for a myriad of reasons.
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Previcur® N: Systemic, Protection Against Pythium Species

Bayer is always ready with the right solutions for any challenges your greenhouse crops and greenhouse or outdoor ornamentals are facing.

Previcur N Group 28 fungicide

Previcur N is a systemic fungicide that moves throughout the plant for long-lasting protection of existing foliage and new growth. It controls Pythium (Pythium spp.) diseases associated with root rot and damping-off and is registered for drench use on certain greenhouse vegetable crops and ornamentals.

It is also registered as a foliar treatment for downy mildew in greenhouse cucumbers and as a drench to control root rot Phytophthora spp. on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals.

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Managing humidity and temperature with vertical air flow solutions

With vertical air flow fans, ventilation jets pull in cool, dry air from above the screen and distribute it in a vertical direction. » Learn more

In the hot house: How high temperatures impact greenhouse tomato fruit development

High temperatures can lead to physiological disorders such as fruit cracking, green shoulder, sunscald and goldspot. » Learn more
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Onset’s HOBO MX Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Loggers

The Industry’s Only Low-Cost, Fully Integrated Soil Moisture Loggers with Bluetooth Wireless Data Offload

HOBO MX Soil Moisture Data Loggers are available in two models – one that measures soil moisture (HOBO MX2306) and one that measures both soil moisture and temperature (HOBO MX2307) – these loggers are ideal for researchers and growers looking for the accurate data they need to save water, improve crop yields, reduce harmful runoff, and protect ecosystems.

With just a mobile phone, tablet, or Windows laptop running Onset’s free HOBOconnect app, users get convenient wireless setup and data download via Bluetooth when within 100 feet of the logger – making it easy to retrieve data from hard-to-access field locations. And for indoor areas, such as greenhouses, users can add the MX Gateway for remote access to data in Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software.

  • Ready to deploy, with pre-attached sensors
  • Easy configuration and data offload with the free HOBOconnect app
  • Durable TEROS 10 soil moisture sensor lasts over 10 years in the field
  • For use in both mineral soils and soilless media
  • Sturdy, sharp stainless-steel spikes for easy installation and better soil contact
  • Option to view data in Percent of Field Capacity

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June 28 – 30
Birmingham, England
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New Blooms

June 30
Sturgeon Country, Alberta
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Garden Centres Canada Summit

July 13 - 14
Edmonton, Alberta
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July 16 -17
Columbus, Ohio
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