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Justine Hendricks named new CEO of Farm Credit Canada

As CEO, Mrs. Hendricks will drive forward the corporation’s mandate of supporting the sector by providing financial and advisory services, expanding access to capital and enhancing its products and services.

State of the sector

In Ontario, where the majority of greenhouse operations are located, one of the biggest challenges for fruit and vegetable growers is achieving higher returns to offset increased costs due to rising energy costs and inflation.

Energy saving technologies in greenhouses from a plant viewpoint

Energy is the second largest operating cost for a commercial greenhouse in Canada. In case you are wondering what is the first one, that is the labour. In cold climates energy is used primarily for heating, lighting, dehumidification, CO2 supply and equipment operation.
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Keep Up with the Demand: Choose PRO-MIX® With Active Ingredients

Les Serres Coulombe started using the standard line of PRO-MIX® growing media in 2014. After expanding their greenhouse and doubling their production in 2018, they began experimenting with PRO-MIX® growing media with active ingredients. It was clear: PRO-MIX® products with the added value of BIOSTIMULANT and MYCORRHIZAE™ were the way to go to keep up with the growing demand. To this day, and through other expansions, Les Serres Coulombe trust PRO-MIX® BX BIOSTIMULANT + MYCORRHIZAE™ and PRO-MIX® MP ORGANIK BIOSTIMULANT + MYCORRHIZAE™ to produce 34 varieties of high-quality herbs for their customers. » Learn more
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Nutrient management during the flowering phase of drug-type Cannabis sativa

To determine the nutrient requirement of drug-type cannabis during the flowering phase, we studied at the commercial site (IsoCanMed Inc., Louiseville, Que.) the impact of two N concentrations (150 and 250 ppm) on plant growth development, plant nutrient uptake of N, P, K, Ca and Mg, flower yield and their cannabinoid and terpene content. » Learn more

Sawaya Gardens Trials 2022: Part 2

In a previous issue of Greenhouse Canada, we looked at success factors for cultivars and the first 42 varieties from the 22nd consecutive year of the trials. In this second part of the Sawaya Garden Trials 2022 report, we look at another 40 key examples of varieties from those trials. » Learn more
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Cutting Propagation

Vegetatively propagated varieties are the hottest plants in the market today, with more introductions and research than with seed varieties. By far, the majority of these vegetative crops are propagated by cuttings.

Drs. John Dole and James Gibson have gathered the most up-to-date information about cutting propagation to help you root and grow the best crops possible.

All the bases are covered—propagation basics, stock plant management, media, temperature, light, nutrition, plant growth regulators, insect and disease management, equipment, and postharvest handling.

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From the Editor: Addressing labour shortages

Although energy costs have certainly risen over the past three years (along with the costs of just about everything else), it is the shortage of labour that has really come into focus. » Learn more

Looking ahead to 2023

This article gathers some of the most important things to plan and prep for in the greenhouse, including ordering inputs, preventative maintenance, and your pest control program. Think of this as your “to-do” checklist for successful spring crops. » Learn more

CannaPharmaRx receives cultivation license from Health Canada

Approval of the cultivation license allows the company to reasonably project completion of its initial first harvest and commence sales from the crop during Q1 2023. » Learn more

Landscape Ontario Congress

January 10 – 12, 2023
Toronto, Ontario
» Learn More

Tropical Plant International Expo

January 18 – 20, 2023
Tampa, Florida
» Learn More

Scotia Horticultural Congress

January 23 – 24, 2023
Greenwich, Nova Scotia
» Learn More

IPM Essen

January 24 – 27, 2023
Essen, Germany
» Learn More

LMHIA Horticulture Growers’ Short Course & Pacific Ag Show

January 26 – 28, 2023
Abbotsford, British Columbia
» Learn More

Future of Food Conference

February 15, 2023
Ottawa, Ontario
» Learn More