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Canada falling behind in clean agriculture investments: report

A new report out of RBC Royal Bank’s Climate Action Institute has outlined a nine-point plan to push Canada’s agriculture industry forward on climate-smart production and practices. The plan highlights five key areas—soil, methane, fertilizers, talent, technology, and consumers—that can help to advance Canada’s agriculture sector.


Growtec expands into new territory with their partners.

Hand in hand with their industry partners, Growtec is ready for tackling the needs and advancement of greenhouses and hydroponic growers.

Capital grant to help Alberta's agricultural societies with repairs, upgrades

Alberta’s government is launching the Agricultural Societies Infrastructure Revitalization Program, a new capital grant that allocates $2.5 million annually to help ag societies update existing facilities.

Saskatchewan receives $5M investment towards food industry development centre

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon has received $5 million in funding from the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP). This funding will support the Food Centre's work, to enable the continued growth of value-added revenue and agri-food exports in the province over the next five years.

Northern Ontario researchers receive $1 million to grow berries year-round

A coalition of Northern Ontario researchers has received $1 million to develop a new process for growing berries year-round in extreme climates.

Hot off the press 

Urban farm and greenhouse effort aids Calgary communities

A year-round greenhouse, without a foundation, is one highlight of social-and-environmental efforts to regenerate a damaged, 16-acre industrial landscape in Calgary into an urban farming hub. Highfield Farm is on a high, rough, and torn piece of once open Prairie, about a kilometre east from the river, now surrounded by concrete, warehouses, and manufacturing. But, there’s a remnant of Prairie trees here and a desire for much more. The name captures the purpose: Highfield, Regenerative, Urban, Farm. Given success, one day it will be an urban refuge and landscaping icon. By John Dietz. » Read more...

Reducing nutrient inputs in mums

Chrysanthemums are an economically important floricultural crop worldwide. In Canada alone, approximately five-million indoor potted chrysanthemums were grown in 2020, making it the third most produced flower in the country. Indoor potted chrysanthemums are an excellent model ornamental crop for studying nutrient delivery because they are widely grown with closed sub-irrigation and drip-irrigation systems, which allow the recycling and reuse of nutrient-rich solution. By Dr. Barry J. Shelp, Katherine Teeter-Wood, Edward J. Flaherty, Lou M. Schenck, and Jamie Albers. » Read more...
Industry news 

Jiffy hires Kyle Freedman as new segment manager for indoor ag and CEA

Jiffy has appointed Kyle Freedman as the company's new segment manager for indoor agriculture and CEA. Freedman holds a B.A. degree in Philosophy (2011) and an MSc. in International Agricultural Development with a concentration in Horticulture from UC Davis. Currently a PhD Research Assistant at North Carolina University's Horticultural Science Department, Freedman is in the final stages of completing his doctoral research. » Brought to you by Sollum Technologies.

Growtec opens North American office

Growtec has opened their North American office in Leamington, Ont. From this brand-new facility, production of the Growtec growing solutions, including gutters and irrigation systems, will take place alongside service and office work. » Read More...


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