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A message from Our Sponsor
Leading the Cannabis Filling Industry
across North America

Working with over 45 Licensed Producers in Canada, ATG Pharma Inc. is a Canadian Manufacture that has become a leader in providing flexible, and scalable high-quality filling and packaging equipment in the Cannabis Oil market for the last 5 years.

With a background in the Pharmaceutical industry, ATG has focused on providing their clients with the leading quality standard equipment and services designed specifically for the growing demands of the industry. Their flagship product, the RoboCAP RL-300 Liquid Filler, has become a staple for most producers’ oil filling operations.

The machines were originally designed for capsule production, but quickly have been developed to fill a variety of different products, such as, Vape Cartridges, Tincture Bottles, Sublingual Spray Bottles and even Gummies all under the same system.

Due to the extensive experience in the space, ATG has been able to focus on innovative solutions that solve the growing production demands of new products that allowed to be produced by Licensed Producers. Their mission is continue to provide solutions to new Producers, and continuing offering world-class support, and upgrade options to their current clients as they continue to expand and grow their oil production.

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