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Increase yields and return on investment with the new Greenhouse Pro 340.

You already know how valuable natural sunlight is for your crop. if you’ve chosen to take advantage of the sun’s specific light spectrum, it makes sense that you would want to choose variable-spectrum greenhouse LED lights to supplement those natural rays.

The new Greenhouse Pro 340 from California Lightworks represents a quantum leap in greenhouse supplemental lighting:
- Highest Efficiency with up to 3.0 uMoles/j
- Enhanced Intelligence with wireless Bluetooth Mesh communications and cloud-based data and control
- Lowest Installation Costs with chainable power, integrated drivers and wireless controls.
- Best Yields with two channel programmable spectrum control and high power for bloom.

The new GH Pro is also a great light for indoor grow operations and is now available in 347 volts for Canada. Learn more about GH Pro 340:
- Everything You Need To Know About The Greenhouse Pro 340
- How To Maximize Yields And Potency Using Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting?
- 5 Benefits Of Using LED Supplemental Lights In Greenhouses

Contact us today to increase your yields and return on investment with the new Greenhouse Pro 340!

Craig Adams
VP Marketing & Sales - California Lightworks
Direct Phone – 805 276 3806
Outside USA: 1.747.444.3380
7949 Deering Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304