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<Center>From plastic to sustainable options – we’re your growing container resource.</Center>

From plastic to sustainable options – we’re your growing container resource.

HC’s dedicated cannabis product line of both plastic and sustainable options were designed to suit the unique needs of cannabis growers. As a leader in the manufacturing of horticultural containers, our trusted and highly respected brand suite has been servicing the United States and Canada since 1986 – producing containers close to where your business does business. 

Our Rapid Stack™ container is the next generation of plant technology, allowing for quick and easy transplanting with no root shock or damage to the plant. When the plant outgrows its container, the bottom of the pot can easily and cleanly be removed, thus exposing the root system. Then, simply stack it on top of another container (or in the ground).

Looking for a viable solution to Canada’s impending ban on single-use plastics? Sustainable fiber planting containers are the solution for cannabis growers looking for alternatives to plastics – some certified for organic growing. >> Learn More

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