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<center>Grower Improves Yields and Quality with Revamped Nutrient Program </center>

Grower Improves Yields and Quality with Revamped Nutrient Program 

Pure Ohio Wellness grows 35 strains at its medical cultivation facility in Springfield, Ohio.  When Kyle Lewis, head of cultivation, first arrived, he noticed that some strains in the “mom room,” were showing signs of salt build-up. 
The Pure Ohio team had to make some adjustments including changes to lighting, pot sizes and soil mediums. But it was the company’s switchover to Emerald Harvest nutrients that had one of the most profound impacts on overall plant quality.  
Over a three- to four-month period, Pure Ohio experienced a 5% to 10% increase in yield and a major improvement in desired terpene production and smell. The company also has been able to achieve higher THC levels on certain strains - upwards of 35%. 
Using Emerald Harvest also means patients can feel reassured they’re receiving clean product. “A lot of people want to make sure they know what they’re getting,” Lewis says. “If they can get it cheaper down the street on the black market they will. But if they know they can get it for almost the same price at our place but it’s ran through a lab and doesn’t have any molds or metals and wasn’t grown with Miracle-Gro or sprayed with Roundup …  it does make a difference.” 

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