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GreenBroz Brings Quality Harvest Technologies to Canadian Cannabis Cultivators

From the moment you cut down your flower to the time it enters its final package, how you treat your flower has a direct impact on the final quality. That’s why award-winning cultivators all over the world are turning to GreenBroz’ industry-leading line of harvesting solutions to streamline their process without sacrificing the quality that is synonymous with their brand. 

GreenBroz was founded on the ethos of ‘Gentle. Quick. Quiet.’, and our primary goal is to treat your flower with the utmost care and consideration. After all, this plant is medicine to many consumers, and as such, needs to be treated with that mentality.

Each machine in our wide selection of equipment boasts a straightforward cleaning process and is built to international cleanliness standards, ensuring it will meet the strictest compliance regulations.

Be it dry trimmingsortingdestemmingdry siftingrosin pressing, or batching and weighing into final packaging, GreenBroz offers a robust line of equipment that will increase the efficiencies of your harvest while providing an amazing ROI for your business. Our harvest experts are standing by to consult with you on your needs and share how our equipment would best fit into your existing harvest process.