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<center><b>Maximum growth: achieved</b> <br>Cal-Mag Plus</center>

Maximum growth: achieved
Cal-Mag Plus

Cal-Mag Plus helps plants reach their full potential

Give your plants what they need, so they can give you what you want. Cal-Mag Plus helps ensure optimal nutrient ratios of calcium, magnesium, and iron that are critical through all stages of growth. By helping protect against secondary nutrient deficiencies, this bestselling supplement can help maximize growth in your heavily fruiting plants and fast-blooming annuals.

Top-shelf nutrition for your plants

  • Feeds plants the nutrients they need to maximize growth
  • Helps reduce tip burn in lettuce for a high-quality harvest
  • Helps prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers
  • Makes up for coco’s natural calcium draw to help keep crops satiated in any media
Professional-grade product for you
  • Fully soluble formula that won't clog spray lines or drip emitters
  • Easily combined with fertilizers when diluted to encourage even better nutrient uptake
  • Easy to use and easy to scale, whether in small gardens or commercial facilities
  • No. 1 bestselling Botanicare supplement, a brand you can count on

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