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The Surna SentryIQ™ controls system makes managing your climate simple.

• A comprehensive precision system to manage your stable indoor facility climate—control temperature, humidity, and CO2.
• Access real time data on each room, even specific zones within rooms.
• Monitor conditions in real time through a digital dashboard with trending and alarms to take swift action.

SentryIQ™ Central Plant Controller - Industrial cultivation control equipment requires sophisticated sequencing to maintain an optimal climate. Surna’s SentryIQ™ deploys proprietary controls sequences with predictive algorithms. It orchestrates multiple pieces of industrial HVAC equipment precisely to sophisticated engineering sequences. The result? Direct temperature control, humidity control, and CO2 monitoring, so your grow will stay alive and thrive.
SentryIQ™ Room Controller - Four precision digital sensors with aspirated fans draw in canopy air to accurately read temperature, CO2, and humidity, 24/7. Each room has its own controller, ensuring the facility remains operational if one room is taken out of service.
SentryIQ™ Facility Supervisor - Delivers intelligent management of data with schedules, trends, monitoring and system alarms, providing visual insight to every room.

Stop guessing. Know what’s happening in your grow and manage it from your web browser in real-time. Contact us to learn more about SentryIQ™’s capabilities and energy-saving benefits!
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