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Cannabis flowering under
LED grow lights
Flowering is arguably one of the most important stages in the cultivation of cannabis because it is during the flowering phase in which cannabinoids and terpenes are triggered. Signify Plant Specialist Sabrina Carvalho discusses the results of cannabis trials conducted with Wageningen University & Research in which she evaluated the affect of different LED spectral compositions on flowering.
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3 Tips to evaluate performance
of LED grow lights
Are you looking at the right criteria when evaluating your lighting options? Are you doing an apples to apples or apples to orange comparison? It’s important to compare details including efficiency, efficacy, lifetime, and more. At the recent GreenTech Conference, Signify Segment Manager, Kay Rauwerdink, provided three tips to consider when evaluating your grow light and LED lighting options.
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Get a free “no strings attached”
360° lighting evaluation
Interested in learning how you can use lighting to improve your operation? Sign up for a complimentary lighting audit and we’ll do an analysis of your greenhouse or indoor grow—from propagation to flowering—to help you determine if LED grow lights can help you. Whether you are growing in a greenhouse or closed environment, we’ll review your lighting set up and provide a recommendation(s) to improve your cultivation practices.
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Your light-loving cannabis crops
are gonna love some TLC
Green Power
The Philips LED Toplighting Compact (TLC) grow light provides the right amount of light your cannabis crops need. The Philips TLC is an easy 1-to-1 HPS replacement, offering efficacy up to 3.6 µmol/J and photon flux up to 2200 µmol/s. The TLC can be used in your indoor environment or in a greenhouse setting.

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