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Are you ready to discover a truly revolutionary new piece of HVAC technology for grow rooms? One that has been conceived, engineered and manufactured from the ground up to handle the unique and exacting demands of indoor cultivation – unlike any other system?

Compressor Wall Technology We are thrilled to introduce you to our extraordinary new Compressor Wall Technology, a system that’s taking grow room HVAC to a whole new level.
Our revolutionary technology sets entirely new standards for performance, reliability, energy efficiency, size, weight and flexibility.
If you’ve ever wished you had a better HVAC solution, you’ll want to watch this video.
Compressor Wall highlights include:
  • Up to 6 individually sequenced, 2-stage compressor modules for built-in redundancy and scalability
  • 50% the size and weight of traditional capacity equipment
  • Less than 10% of the traditional refrigerant charge
  • Eco-friendly, flexible, reliable, scalable, redundant, Dry Cooler Heat Rejection Technology

Essential Insights into Grow Room HVAC
Getting Grow Rooms Right
Our book, Getting Grow Rooms Right, was written to help engineers, contractors and growers navigate the facility design process and equip readers with the right questions to ask.

Whether it’s a new build a retrofit or if you’re scaling up an existing facility — we’ve got you covered. You can download an eReader version or order a complimentary physical copy here.

Getting Grow Rooms Right is an unbiased perspective on grow room HVAC and it provides an essential understanding of countless issues that impact the success of your crops and your bottom line. | 1-833-327-2447 |