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State-of-the-art greenhouse
switches to LED and the results are...
Chief Cannabis Officer, Chad Zaki, explains the benefits of cultivating cannabis under Philips LED toplighting grow lights in a new high-tech, state-of-the-art greenhouse.
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Top-shelf flowers with
Philips LED toplighting compact
The Philips LED toplighting compact (TLC) grow light is the easy, energy efficient 1-1 replacement for your HPS lighting. TLC delivers the right light levels for your light-loving cannabis while allowing you to easily manage your grow climate. Read more about how switching to LED can help increase your cannabis production.
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Learn how to enhance the rooting
of your cannabis stem cuttings
Uniformity of the plants and predictability of the crop are key factors for successful production of medicinal cannabis. Growing medicinal cannabis therefore requires a high level of control over the production process, which is possible in greenhouses but even more so in indoor farms.
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