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Control Cannabis Aphids with Bioline AgroSciences Biologicals from Kam’s

An infestation of Cannabis Aphids (Phorodon cannabis) will cause leaves to wilt and yellow and significantly slow plant growth. Aphids may also transmit viral diseases between plants.

Common signs of aphid presence are:
  • a sticky sap or “honeydew” on leaves and flowers which can promote the growth of sooty mould.
  • white, moulted aphid skins on leaves.
  • live colonies inside the buds.
  • increased presence of ants.
  • distorted or improperly formed leaves.

Beneficials or biological agents are an essential component of integrated pest management programs. For best success in controlling cannabis aphids, bios should be used preventatively and introduced early, prior to high aphid populations.

Biological Controls of Cannabis Aphids:
Chrysoline (Chrysoperla larvae) – Voracious predators of aphids. Recommended for localized hotspots.

Adaline (Adalia bipunctata), also known as Lady Bird Beetles - Both adults and larvae feed on aphids and will give rapid reduction of established aphid colonies.

Aphidoline (Aphidoletes aphidimyza) – A single Aphidoletes larvae will kill and eat more than 35 aphids during its lifetime. Recommended for hotspot treatments.
Available in bottles and blister packs.

Erviline (Aphidus ervi)- The female Aphidus parasitic wasp can kill about 300 aphids in her lifetime.

Call for available package sizes.

Kam’s is happy to discuss the cannabis pest control and fertility options best for your operation.