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Cannabis Grower Day is next week!

Join us on April 14 for the annual Grower Day for cannabis producers. Get a chance to engage and mingle virtually with thought leaders and subject matter experts on a variety of topics aimed at helping your cannabis production thrive.

Featured Sessions:

Ashley Athill  
Q&A: Ashley Athill, CEO, HRVSTR Canada
Speaker: Ashley Athill

Ashley Athill is a woman of colour at the helm of an innovative cannabis cultivation company that’s carving its own name in the craft cannabis market. In this Q&A session, Ashley will share her journey toward building their own cannabis enterprise, with her brother Michael – taking us through the challenges, the opportunities and how they are taking on the industry as one of the pioneering black entrepreneurs in this highly competitive cannabis market.
Jayson Goodale  
Maximizing yield
Speaker: Jayson Goodale, senior consultant, CCI-Deloitte

When it comes to maximizing yield or improving quality the industry is just starting to open up to more commercialized production methods, innovation and KPIs that focus on developing or adopting best practices into their operations. In this session, Jayson Goodale will present outline some specific KPIs growers should be monitoring as a pathway to continuous improvement and maximizing yield and quality.
Plus, tons of on-demand content: pest management, cooking with cannabis, the state of craft cannabis, and so much more!

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