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Infection Prevention Guide developed specifically for licensed cannabis producers

Download Infection Prevention for Cannabis Facilities: Cleaning and Disinfection Guide, developed with expert insight specifically for licensed producers. It provides a wealth of information, backed by years of research, to help licensed producers achieve compliance protocols and avoid infections that can threaten their yields.
  • George Dickinson, Co-Founder & Consultant of Growhaus Projects (formerly known as CannaPro)

“The disinfection guide provides a great foundation for a proactive and effective sanitation program.”
  • Jarred Marsh, Licensed Producer Consultant at CCS Green

Designed for ease of implementation, the guide includes:
  • Cleaning and disinfection overview
  • 7 steps for optimizing infection prevention
  • How to select the ideal disinfectant
  • 10 common disinfection mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Correct use and validation of disinfection methods