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Our all-new MegaDrive system consists of a 10KW central power supply and a series of LED fixtures

Eliminates the need for LED drivers in each fixture, significantly reducing fixture cost

Dramatically simplifies electrical infrastructure and installation for major cost savings

Eliminates contractor panels by wirelessly controlling an entire group or row of lights

Minimizes energy costs with industry leading efficiency

Provides variable spectrum control for the best light spectrum in all phases

Works with a photosensor to ensure the perfect light level in all conditions

Eliminate Power Drops over the Canopy

LED Lifetime Rating: 100,000 hours Full 5 Year Warranty

Join us at the Lift & Co Trade Show in Toronto, Nov. 18-21
Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Booth 827

Lighting the way forward since 2008, California Lightworks has been dedicated to producing the highest quality LED and UVB horticultural lighting in the industry. All products are designed and produced to the highest standards in our Southern California factory. Satisfaction always guaranteed.

Canadian Distribution
GMD Wholesale, Concord, Ontario
Wally Bieniawski – Product Manager