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CANNA is welcoming all passionate growers and industry members to join our next virtual CANNAtalk event!

We will discuss the big threat of plant viruses and viroids and how to prevent those in your grow!

The hot topic of viroids, Hop Latent Viroid specifically, is only recently on everyone's radar but already affecting so many indoor facilities in North-America. This viroid causes significant crop losses for growers of all kinds. Something no one really can afford.

In this live session we will talk with experts from the industry about the different viruses and viroids, a variety of sanitation practices, prevention and resolutions.

This CANNAtalk will be hosted by CANNA with guest speakers from both Fundacion CANNA and A&L Canada Laboratories. An hour of your time that will prevent many hours of work and stress!

The Invisible Threats: Viruses & Viroids
Thursday, March 24th. Free to watch!
RSVP and add to your calendar now!

See you then!

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