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Control Thrips and Spider Mites with Bios from Kam’s
Thrips pierce and suck plant cells when feeding which can lead to transmission of viruses and diseases through your crop. Left unmanaged, spider mite levels can explode as temperatures start to climb. Both pests can be detrimental to cannabis crops. Kam’s offers Bioline biological agents- an essential component of your integrated pest management program.

Starskii (Amblyseius swirskii) – The best strains of swirskii selected for production resulting in a superior predatory mite that will establishes more quickly in high stress conditions (high temps and RH) for consistent control of thrips & whitefly.
Oriline (Orius spp.) – This predatory bug is the only bug that can kills adult thrips. A solid generalist predator that will also feed on mites and other pests, Orius is often a follow up treatment after Amblyline or Swirskiline.
Nematode SF – Regular biweekly applications of Steinernema feltiae nematodes will kill thrip pupae when applied as a drench to the media surface.
Anderline (Amblyseius andersoni) – Start using this predatory mite early - it is perfect for preventative control of spider mites and other mites; effective at temperatures as low as 10°C.
Phytoline (Phytoseiulus persimilis) – This predatory mite is a active hunter and a standard spider mite treatment. Quick to establish, Phytoline provides rapid control of spider mite outbreaks. Bioline’s persimilis is known for being high quality and more effective than other competitive persimilis.

FEATURE BIO - Atheta coriaria
More and more Cannabis growers are including Atheta (branded as Staphyline) in their IPM program and find this predatory beetle very helpful for controlling root aphids. Atheta introduction is best at propagation and at production prior to flowering stage. Also useful under benches and other areas where they can feed on fungus gnat and thrips before pupating.

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