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[PDF Download] Your Infection Prevention Guide
Infection Prevention Guide Developed Specifically for Licensed Cannabis Producers
Download Infection Prevention for Cannabis Facilities: Cleaning and Disinfection Guide, developed with expert insight specifically for licensed producers. It provides a wealth of information, backed by years of research, to help licensed producers achieve compliance protocols and avoid infections that can threaten their yields.

“This booklet is a great head-start for new or existing growers from a very credible source.”
- George Dickinson, Co-Founder & Consultant of Growhaus Projects (formerly known as CannaPro)

“The disinfection guide provides a great foundation for a proactive and effective sanitation program.”
- Jarred Marsh, Licensed Producer Consultant at CCS Green

Designed for ease of implementation, the guide includes:
  • Cleaning and disinfection overview
  • 7 steps for optimizing infection prevention
  • How to select the ideal disinfectant
  • 10 common disinfection mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Correct use and validation of disinfection methods
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An optimized cleaning and disinfection program is the first step to optimizing your yield. Download your guide and ensure your protocols are meeting your needs.

Yours truly,
The SHYIELD team

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Virox® Technologies has been formulating revolutionary disinfectants for the war against pathogens for more than 20 years. As the creators of the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology behind SHYIELD™, we are committed to providing safer, more sustainable solutions to support a wide range of industries in building robust infection prevention programs. In addition to developing innovative products, we are equally committed to providing education and technical support to help facilities optimize their infection prevention protocols.