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Date: April 21, 3 pm ET

Episode 2: Consumer and Public Education

Protecting public health is one of the principal objectives of cannabis legalization. Today, cannabis flower accounts for 70% of all legal retail sales with this segment increasingly dominated by high THC products (25%+ THC). Illicit cannabis products – sold openly online – are often mislabeled (THC and CBD content), and contain harmful pesticides, mold and bacteria unfit for human consumption.

Public and consumer education and knowledge are critical to safe and responsible cannabis consumption by adults, as well as efforts to draw consumers away from the illicit market. Yet, there are many barriers to the dissemination of public education and product information in ways that resonate with the cannabis consumer:
  • Consumers are unable to access information about the effects or purpose of the cannabis products they consume.
  • Public health messaging is disconnected from consumers, especially daily or near daily users.
This session will explore the public health and safety challenges resulting from Canada’s current approach to cannabis education and identify responsible and collaborative solutions suited to the realities of a society where adult-use cannabis is legal.

Host: George Smitherman

Moderator: Trina Fraser (Brazeau Seller Law)

Panelists: Myrna Gillis (Aqualitas), Megan McCrae (Organigram), Dr. Jenna Valleriani (Canopy).