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Specialization matters.

Your breeders, growers, extractors, and retailers all specialize in Cannabis while the laboratory analyzes soybeans, tobacco, packing peanuts, pharmaceuticals, wastewater, protein powder, blood… and cannabis.

Why does specialization matter for your cannabis laboratory as well?
  • Speed: High North can turn around some samples the same day, and all samples in 2-days with our urgent testing service. We move at the speed of your business.
  • Service: High North has a client care team that is available by phone or email to answer all your questions. We are always available no matter what the issue.
  • Methods: High North’s methods are created strictly for cannabis, and we are constantly adding to list of quantifiable analytes. For example, our new Terpene method quantifies over 60 terpenes to help you differentiate your cultivars.
  • Knowledge: Our leadership team has over 20 years of cannabis experience, and the team at High North that have specific cannabis expertise and training to help you with your cannabis issues.
Specialization matters, and that’s why High North was voted the #1 Lab/Testing Facility in Cannabis. No matter what your cannabis company needs from your lab, we got you.

Visit www.highnorth.com or email client.care@HighNorth.com to start testing today.

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