The one constant in Canada's cannabis sector is its dynamism. Industry change is afoot. The key questions are where, how and when. Mitchell Osak, CEO of Quanta Consulting, will look ahead to what tomorrow might bring for Canada’s cannabis industry, when it comes to potential changes to The Cannabis Act, the business opportunities that LPs should keep an eye on, looming business risks and where innovation is taking the sector.

Mitchell Osak is the CEO of Quanta Consulting Inc, a leading boutique consultancy. He is a globally recognized and trusted advisor to the cannabis industry. He has supported over 210 cannabis clients around the world with their strategy, operations and capital markets needs. He is also a frequent industry speaker and contributor to the mass and cannabis trade media. Mitchell received his MBA from the University of Toronto.

When: June 21-22, 2022
Where: Holiday Inn, St. Catharines ON

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