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Avoid these 5 common facility design mistakes
Planning a cannabis cultivation facility is far more complex than most other construction projects. It requires careful planning and support from specialized experts to set a grow up for success and longevity.

There are 5 common mistakes growers make when it comes to their cultivation facility design. These mistakes cost growers time, money, and can become a nightmare to try to fix. Do you want to avoid construction delays, minimize costs, and maximize your efficiency? Check out these tips for a smoother design and buildout process.
#1: Poor Coordination
poor coordination
Having too many cooks in the kitchen can wreak havoc on your timeline and budget. One way to avoid these kinds of issues is to ensure that there is an experienced central point of responsibility managing the design project management. Ideally, the design process is fully integrated—from floorplan development, to lighting layouts, to architectural design and on to facilities engineering.
#2: Insufficient Clearances
insufficient clearances
It’s hard to resist the temptation to fill every cubic inch of a room with plants, but the smartest designs allow some clearances in the room. Why? This helps homogenize the climate and provides access for maintenance and operations. When cultivation rooms are being designed, be sure to consider how maintenance and repair personnel will access equipment ahead of time. Doing so can help you minimize disruptions and costs.
#3: Inefficient Workflow and Support Spaces
inefficient workflows
Failing to consider the workflow processes in a grow space will result in facility layouts that limit productivity. Most growers will tell you that they wish they’d done a number of things differently in their first and even second facilities. This is simply the result of a design team’s lack of experience in commercial cultivation. You may have great cultivators and an experienced financial or corporate team, but if your team lacks direct experience in cultivation facility design on a commercial scale, you are destined to repeat the layout mistakes of many growers before you.
#4: Cutting Corners
cutting corners
Being in a hurry to build or starting off underfunded can lead to rash decisions. Sometimes this means choosing to focus on technologies that are the cheapest or fastest to implement, without concern for the long-term costs of those decisions. Unfortunately, many growers who've made this mistake are now out of business because their facilities weren’t built for the long-term realities of the market. While you don’t have to implement the most advanced or expensive technologies out there to be successful, the most competitive cultivators carefully weigh the long term operating costs of the technology decisions they make and ensure that their costs to cultivate will still result in a profit as market prices ebb and flow.
#5: Designing Without a Clear Purpose
no clear purpose
What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? You may be thinking, I want to grow cannabis and make money, duh. But looking deeper, and being able to more specifically communicate your goals can sometimes make or break your company’s future. Not only will your facility design and equipment choices be influenced by budget considerations, but they will need to serve your unique facility’s goals too (sustainability, quality, etc.). A deep understanding of your ultimate goal informs the process, and ensures that each component of the design, from beginning to end, is implemented with your end goal in mind.
Avoid These 5 Common Cultivation Facility Design Mistakes
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