A message from our publisher

Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza began his judging "career" with science students’ projects and furthered his skills judging Community in Bloom in Alberta, where he traveled, met the gardeners, looked at their flower and vegetable plots, thus building a complete profile of their achievements. Dr. Mirza has been a judge for Grow Opportunity since its inception and finds evaluating top cannabis growers to be both an art and a science.

“I have been on the judging panel for Canada’s Top Grower since the beginning. It has been encouraging that each year we receive more nominations for the award. Last year we had many from the micro grower community as well. As this industry grows, and product quality becomes more important than ever, please nominate anyone you work with that you believe has mastered the craft. Good luck to all the nominees!” — David Kjolberg

Do you know of an outstanding cannabis cultivator currently employed at a Canadian LP? Someone who demonstrates deep understanding and passion for their craft? Who is sustainably minded, innovative, and an exceptional leader?

Nominate them for Grow Opportunity’s 2022 Canada’s Top Grower Award!

The winner will receive a front cover profile in the Nov/Dec issue of Grow Opportunity magazine, as well as a guaranteed spot to participate as a featured panelist at the 2023 Grow UP Conference Growers Luncheon event.

Please submit your nominations before August 31st!