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Misconceptions about crystallizing CBD vape pens

A common misconception that consumers have is that a crystallizing CBD product reflects a poor quality or defective product. The truth is, science and the molecular composition of CBD give us a different story.

Unravelling the mystery of drooping leaves

Watering cannabis isn’t always as simple as it may appear. Overwatering and underwatering are common issues a grower faces. It’s imperative that growers do not confuse cannabis “drooping” leaves with “wilted” leaves, as they have completely opposite causes.

Merger matters

Grow Opportunity caught up with Denise Faltischek, former chief strategy officer at Aphria and now Tilray’s head of international and chief strategy officer, to talk about what the merger means for the company’s future and its strategies for global expansion.

Handcrafted with love

Kevin Anderson doesn’t believe in shortcuts when growing top flower. As head grower of craft medical cannabis producer, Broken Coast Cannabis, Anderson takes it upon himself to meticulously guide every stage of the production process.
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The CI-710s SPECTRAVUE Leaf Spectrometer is designed to simultaneously measure the transmission, absorption and reflection of light by biological substances within a wide range of wavelengths that cover visible and Near Infra-Red (NIR) light. The spectrum can be used for the quantification of chemical concentrations, color analysis, the study of photochemical reactions, and the quantification of physical or optical properties such as film thickness, index of refraction, and extinction coefficient.

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Promoting sustainability in the cannabis industry

The Cannabis Council of Canada’s Tri-Chair Sustainability Caucus engaged in a discussion of on-going industry initiatives that promote responsible production and business practices that push for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible cannabis industry. » Read More

Quantifying quality getting cannabis quality down to science

In this virtual roundtable, cannabis industry thought leaders and experts will discuss the importance, opportunities and challenges when it comes to ensuring consistent cannabis quality, traceability and authenticity, with the ultimate objective of providing unique quality cannabis products, underpinned by science, to an increasingly discriminating consumer market. » Read More
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The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible

The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible sets a new standard of excellence for cannabis cultivation and breeding manuals and gives readers the tools they need to grow the most popular and potent marijuana varieties and strains in the world. Readers of this complete guide to expert breeding techniques will learn about the new age cultivars, trendy cannabis hybrids, and how to develop them for the lucrative international seed market.

The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible is an advanced, specialized marijuana grow book designed for practical use by new and experienced breeders alike.

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Lift & Co. Expo 2022

May 12-15, 2022
Toronto, ON
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Canna Golf Classic & Dinner

May 17-18, 2022
Kelowna, BC
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O’Cannabiz Toronto 2022

June 1-3, 2022
Toronto, ON
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