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Cannabis industry comes together on the 4th anniversary of legalization to call for immediate relief in the face of crisis

C3 board members and CEO George Smitherman met in Ottawa on October 17th and 18th to call upon the government to take urgent action regarding the challenges facing the cannabis sector.

Allied Corp. announces completion of first harvests for sale and export from Colombia

Allied has harvested two crops of THC flower in Colombia and is preparing to ship product to countries where it is legal to do so. Lab analysis demonstrates total cannabinoids at 28 per cent.

Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis supports first ever Canadian sativa-only cannabis brand

Greenway is pleased to support the launch of The Ministry of Sativa — Canada’s first all sativa cannabis brand distributed through West Island Brands cannabis company based in Quebec.
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Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals

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Key features to look for when purchasing LEDs, part two

The shift away from prohibition to legal sales has encouraged new opportunities and innovations in the cannabis space. This includes advances in lighting options where key features to look for include automation and control, output, and the importance of quality build. » Read More
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IntelGenx receives new U.S. patent covering VersaFilm technology

IntelGenx announced the U.S. patent and trademark issued to the company with claims for modulating drug absorption in oral sublingual film dosages, some including cannabinoids. » Read More

Avicanna introduces medical cannabis education online portal for health care professionals

The portal was created with the support of experts in the fields of neurology, dermatology, and pain management to help train health care professionals in the context of medical cannabis. » Read More

LOVE Pharma’s update on launch of sponsored psilocybin trials at John Hopkins University

LOVE Pharma’s wholly owned subsidiary MicroDoz Therapy is sponsoring a study with the intent of testing the effectiveness of psilocybin for the treatment of cannabis use disorder. » Read More


Nov. 15-18
Las Vegas
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March 24-26, 2023
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