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<center>LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet<sup>®</sup>:<br> Longer Shelf Life, Economical, Larger Cells </center>

LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet®:
Longer Shelf Life, Economical, Larger Cells

Introducing LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet®

  • We’ve expanded our line of industry-leading shellfish feeds to better meet your hatchery’s needs
  • “LPB” is an effective feed for Larval Bivalves over 150 microns (7 dph), Post-larvae and Broodstock Conditioning
  • (For first-feeding larvae days 1-7 use smaller cell size Reed Mariculture Shellfish Diet 1800®)
  • Highly concentrated frozen microalgae
  • Unique mix of Tetraselmis sp., Thalassiosira weissflogii & Thalassiosira pseudonana
  • Phototrophically grown microalgae and salt water
Grow More and Larger Larvae and Seed
  • Just like refrigerated Shellfish Diet 1800, LPB is an effective nutritional supplement & live algae replacement
  • Perfect for expanding production, peak load and emergency back-up
  • Start production earlier in the season
  • Condition broodstock for a longer period and provide better nutrition
  • Ideal for bivalves, shrimp larvae & sea cucumbers

Long Shelf Life

  • Up to 2 years when kept frozen


  • Bivalves
    • Microalgal feed for seed
    • Conditioning feed for broodstock
    • Effective for large larvae more than 7 days old
  • Shrimp
    • Nutritional supplement
    • Effective feeding stimulant for larvae experiencing zoea syndrome
    • Emergency back up
    • Peak load microalgae supply
    • Bio-secure source of microalgae
Ensure Hatchery Success with LPB Frozen Shellfish Diet.
A Reed Mariculture Instant Algae®: Algae When You Need It

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