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A Message from our sponsor
Tim Reed
  Tim Reed, President & CEO, Reed Mariculture, Inc.  
Reed Mariculture Provides
Hatcheries with the Most Diverse
& Reliable Algal Products
World’s Largest Producer of Microalgae Concentrates
•  For 25 years, Reed Mariculture has been advancing the growth of aquaculture globally with the highest quality, commercially available microalgae concentrates.
•  Proven effective for all larval growth stages of shrimp, finfish & bivalves.
“We Take Care of the Little Guys!”
•  Reed Mariculture’s focus is hatcheries. Their algal feeds are used in over 500 hatcheries in 90 countries, as well as public aquariums & research organizations.
•  Phototrophically grown, highly concentrated marine microalgae.
•  The whole-cell algae are non-viable but intact, retaining all nutritional value.
•  Complete feed replacement or nutritional supplement.
•  Consistently available.
•  Easy to use.
•  Produced by Reed Mariculture in a land-based, biosecure RAS facility.
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“Algae When You Need It™”
Tim, Ed & Lyn Reed
Tim, Ed & Lyn Reed
Meet the Reed Team at AA20, Booth #28,
February 9 – 12, 2020
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Ensure Hatchery Success with Microalgae
Concentrates from Reed Mariculture
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