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Hatcheries Around the World Rely on Reed Mariculture’s Instant Algae® & Instant Zooplankton®
For 25 years, Reed Mariculture has been advancing the growth of aquaculture globally with the highest quality, commercially available marine microalgae concentrates.

As the world's largest producer, our international network of distributors provides Instant Algae® and Instant Zooplankton®—live rotifers and copepods—to more than 500 hatcheries, universities and marine ornamental operations in 90 countries.
Why rely on the world leader in algae concentrates for your hatchery’s success?
Instant Algae is phototrophically grown, highly concentrated marine microalgae produced in our land-based, biosecure RAS facility.
The whole-cell algae are non-viable but intact, retaining all nutritional value.
Proven effective for all larval growth stages of shrimp, finfish & bivalves.
Complete feed replacement or nutritional supplement.
Providing Algae When You Need It
Wherever You Need It
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