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For over 40 years, Aqua Ultraviolet has been the top manufacturer for ultraviolet sterilizer systems and filters. Located in Temecula, Southern California, where the sun shines and the water is fine, we know and live life in the water. Our UV sterilizers are recommended for both fresh and salt water applications, big or small, with zero residual. Our products are used in various industries including aquaculture, public and commercial aquariums, healthcare, and the booming marijuana growing businesses. Whether it be for a pond, aquarium, swimming pool or spa, UV sterilizers are used to destroy the DNA of single celled organisms, water borne bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and protozoa. With the longest lamp life on the market, our lamp inside the body of the unit emits a germicidal ray which disrupts the bacteria, algae, etc. as it passes through the unit with the proper flow rate. UV does not discriminate against good or bad bacteria. Aqua UV offers shipping within 24 hours with no minimum order requirements. We are in office Monday-Friday 8 AM-4 PM to provide phone and web chat customer service, warranty help and more! Aqua Ultraviolet will find the right system for your set up!