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New Ultra-Low Level Dimming LED by Biosystems
Light is a vital consideration for any life-support system design, particularly in hatchery applications where optimised lighting is a critical component in establishing and supporting robust formative biology. For over a decade, the Biosystems team have been harnessing advances in lighting technologies to continually develop a modular lighting solution that matches spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod to the specific needs of different animals at different stages of development. This approach enables a “benefit cascade”, not only reducing operational costs, but importantly also improving production outcomes…matching lighting to the visual acuity of the animals increases health and welfare through a reduction in stress, in turn yielding biological wins such as increased FCRs.
A recent innovation has been the development of the Biolumen CV MiniTile Natural Daylight, capable of ultra low-level dimming for early-stage hatchery applications. By combining the advanced BioLumen Control system with specially developed low-level dimmable LED drivers and fixtures, the system can generate stable light levels as low as 0.1% of potential output, giving hatchery managers unprecedented control of the light environment.
Biolumen MiniTiles installed at Nofima
These new fixtures and drivers are fully compatible with the BioLumen range, with its modular, “plug-and-play” architecture, including fixtures, drivers, IP68 connectivity, integrated control system and mounting hardware. The system is fully scalable, making it a cost-effective solution for either discrete, individual systems, or larger, integrated, multi-stage systems.
At the heart of the system is a sophisticated controller, developed specifically for biological applications. Photoperiod can be fixed, or variable, tracking either user-defined lighting profiles, or seasonal variation by geolocation (latitude and longitude). The system even offers the ability to “drift” photoperiod values over time to eliminate the negative effects of “light shock”.
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