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Maximum flexibility in fish feeding FIAP BELT FEEDER and BELT FEEDER PRO

Feeding is a major part of the work involved in aquaculture operations. In order to design production processes efficiently and economically, it makes sense to use a feeding system that is extremely flexible and versatile. As a logical consequence, the FIAP clockwork standard was developed. Flexible use, without electricity, without additional control, to install on any pond or pool. The conveyor belt is tensioned, the housing is filled with the desired amount of feed and the feeder is ready for use.

As an innovative company, FIAP has further developed the clockwork feeder standard and now also offers the FIAP clockwork feeder in a professional version. The FIAP Movement Feeder Profi is available in two sizes (capacity 3 kg and 5 kg) and with two different movement times (12 hours and 24 hours). The absolute novelty of the FIAP clockwork professional is the drive shaft made of seawater-resistant aluminum with an integrated conveyor belt. The newly developed, spring-loaded centering pin enables the shaft to be removed and installed in just a few simple steps, which is particularly helpful with regard to regular cleaning and disinfection. The built-in slide ring bearing ensures that the FIAP clockwork-fed movement runs smoothly and precisely. The housing and the cover have excellent weather resistance and a long service life. Progress into a new era that has an economic impact in every production facility.

You too can rely on the long-established, worldwide FIAP clockwork feeder in the field of fish feeding and benefit from this innovative automatic feeder.