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Reed Mariculture’s Latest Solution for Hatchery Success:
ARPods™ 500
ARPods™ 500 are a highly effective live copepod and artemia replacement. They are frozen biomass of intact cyclops copepods -- fresh frozen at sea and gamma irradiated for biosecurity.
Tim Reed ARPods’ small size (500µ-700µ), superior nutrition and attractiveness to fish and shrimp make them an excellent replacement for live copepods and artemia in many applications.
--Tim Reed, President & CEO, Reed Mariculture, Inc.
Effective for most applications where small adult copepods and Artemia nauplii are used.
  • Fish larvae
  • Shrimp larvae
  • Replaces Artemia
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Superior nutrition
  • Higher DHA
  • Ideal mix of lipids, protein, carbohydrates and carotenoids
  • 1Kg frozen blocks
  • 3 years shelf life when kept frozen at -18°C
  • Easily broken into smaller pieces
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