As the final virtual event in the RAS Connector Series, the RAS Virtual Summit, taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021, will touch on a number of the RAS sector and aquaculture industry’s hottest topics, with insight from industry professionals from around the world.

Opening keynote - The medium is the message: To be given by Jennifer Bushman, head of Strategic Development at Kvarøy Arctic, this opening keynote will discuss bridging the gap between sustainable seafood producers and consumers.

Blue Ridge - Thinking outside the tank: As vertical integration quickly becomes a viable venture for RAS producers, giving control over the product lifecycle from egg to table, Martin Gardner, director of business development at Blue Ridge Aquaculture Inc., shares the story of how the company became the world’s largest indoor RAS tilapia producer.

Q&A - Future of feed: Moderated by Freshwater Institute’s research scientist, John Davidson, this Q&A session will gain insight from Texas A&M University’s regents professor, Delbert Gatlin III, who has a PhD in nutrition/biochemistry, on the potential future of RAS feed.

The fish are fine: The bottom-line in any RAS facility is the health and welfare of the fish being farmed. This presentation will outline some evidence-based recommendations for effectively ensuring optimum environment for fish in land-based, closed containment systems.

Workplace safety in RAS environments: The safety of all workers should be a top priority at any RAS farms. During this session, the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute’s Travis May, aquaculture production manager, will discuss the health and safety hazards of working in RAS environments and how employers can mitigate those risks for the safety of their workers.

RAS tech support: RAS involves several complex pieces of equipment that can be susceptible to numerous challenges. Be sure to visit our panel of experts who will be taking questions from participants about all things RAS in this open Q&A session.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from the RAS industry experts!