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BioSystems have, for over a decade, been manufacturing a range of biologically optimised LEDs suitable for all aspects of land based RAS, with all lights being centrally controlled via the hugely successful Biolumen Master Control Unit.

Today sees the launch the latest edition controller, set to be an exciting prospect for anyone wanting the ultimate in photoperiod management: the Biolumen Pro Control.

This exciting new development offers addressable individual or grouped control of devices, with an unlimited number of programs. The user interface has been completely overhauled for an intuitive experience, with responsive screen sizing supporting access from any device with a web browser.

The new unit includes all the standard functionality of the Master Controller, notably simple on/off, ramp, seasonal variation based on latitude/longitude, and advanced seasonal drift. Further to this, it now provides the ability to overlay a second program, allowing for lighting variation caused by for example, tidal attenuation, or phases of the moon! The new Custom functionality facilitates a fully customisable complex photoperiod completely tailored to your needs.

Over this past year, the team have also developed the Biolumen AgriControl, a simple to operate two channel controller with a push button LCD screen and manual override switches, providing accurate timing and dimming functionality.
Lighting control has never been so comprehensively simple!

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