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Australian scientists breed sea urchins to test export potential

Researchers in New South Wales are breeding sea urchins at the National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) to test export potential in Japanese markets.

Norwegian researcher plugs benefits of selective breeding

Estimates of genetic gain per generation for key traits, like growth rate, is in the order of 13%, implying that it can be doubled in six generations. Aquaculture farmers should be stimulated to start breeding programs for major breeds.

Profile - Japanese producer a veteran in sea bream sector

For 35 years a marine hatchery on Japan’s Shikoku Island has been producing red sea bream juveniles for deep-water growout in local waters.

Early life stage research…a new opportunity for US aquaculture

New research funding will provide incentives to address myriad challenges inherent in the culture of early life stages of aquatic species.

Egg variation a key to restoration of dwindling conch populations

Collecting queen conch eggs from several females is a key factor to ensure variation in the offspring from an experimental hatchery in the Bahamas notes a recent study.
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