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U.K.'s endangered pearl mussels surviving on the backs of sea trout

The freshwater pearl mussel is under threat of extinction across England with most remaining populations under severe decline. Now, a new conservation project by the UK Environment Agency's Kielder Salmon Centre is using sea trout to help the mussels flourish once again.

Chinese investor pledges millions for new hatchery in eastern Russia

Dalian Yifeng Sea Products, a major aquaculture producer in eastern China, recently said that it would provide up to Rub5 billion (US$90 million) to build a hatchery in the far eastern part of Russia. The announcement was made by the company’s president, Zhang Ganizing, during a meeting with regional authorities.

Breeding a safer Fugu

It’s still not unknown for people in China to fall ill after eating the potentially poisonous fugu, also known as the puffer or blowfish. However, Chinese researchers are working on a way to minimize the danger and at the Zhongyang Puffer Fish Center in Hai'an County they’ve found a way of breeding non-toxic versions of the puffer fish.
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RAS report card

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology development has been and continues to be a melding of borrowed engineering. Components of RAS originate from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment industries with applied research and development specifically on aquaculture technologies. This melding of technology has not always worked, but we are now seeing many more RAS facilities meeting their production goals. » Read More

Energizing RAS

In 2013, the European Union’s food sector was a major consumer of energy, accounting for 26 per cent of final energy consumption. Farming is one of the major causes of environmental problems, and aquaculture can claim its share of the blame. Public criticism has pushed the sector to find acceptable practices from environmental, societal and economic perspectives. » Read More