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Marine Harvest launches new 13,500-sq.m. hatchery in Scotland

Marine Harvest's newly opened £26.5 million (US$35.4 million) hatchery in Inchmore, Scotland, which uses "one of the most technically advanced water recirculating systems," is expected to produce up to 12 million Scottish-farmed salmon a year, a statement from the company said.

Myanmar hatchery and research centre to enhance farming efforts

Construction of a freshwater fish farming research centre – a first for Mynamar – is nearing completion. The project was expexted to cost US$4.4 million.

Scottish row on salmon roe

Scotland's largest independent salmon egg producer is taking on the Scottish government for a ruling that it claims poses "massive risk" by allowing the import of salmon eggs from Norway and Iceland risking disease transfer from infected countries, the Scottish paper The National has reported.

North America's RAS guru joins land-based aquaponics farm in Wisconsin

Wisconsin-based Superior Fresh will be welcoming Steven Summerfelt to its team, as the former director at The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute takes on the new role as Superior Fresh's chief science officer.

The Best in RAS Filtration

Rotary microscreen drum filters are reliable, time-tested solutions for removal of fine suspended solids in recirculating systems. PR Aqua Rotofilters provide exceptional reliability and a long service life because they are constructed of the highest-quality materials and engineered for commercial aquaculture. Choose flow rate capacities from 50 to 7,000 gpm (11 to 1,590 m3/hr) and micron ratings from 11–80. All are economical and efficient. With local spare parts as well as maintenance and service contracts and service personnel in Canada and the U.S., Pentair has the resources to keep your operation running smoothly. >> Find out more on
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In RAS, one size does not fit all

To achieve a successful and sustainable seawater RAS farm, designers need to start looking at the facility from a farmer’s perspective and stop promising unachievable production tonnages from systems that do not take into account the true operating and maintenance costs of a RAS facility. » Read More

Do you control temperature or does temperature control you?

Consider these two scenarios: Business A – Fish enters farm at two grams in September and reaches 30g two years later; Business B – Same species of fish enters farm at two grams in October and reaches 30g in nine months. Why the dramatic difference? Temperature. » Read More