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AquaChile, Benchmark team up for new Atlantic salmon breeding operations

Aquaculture biotechnology firm Benchmark and salmon producer AquaChile have announced a breeding and genetics joint venture to form a new genetics company that will create a "world-class salmon breeding operation," according to a statement from Benchmark.

Hatchery investment in Washington to boost North American production

Riverence Hatchery in Washington state is putting the final touches to a state-of-the-art egg production facility, aiding their quest to grow and support the salmonid farming industry in the United States.

RAS research targets ‘friendly’ bacteria

Looking after and promoting friendly bacteria in RAS systems, rather than killing the good with the bad, could have beneficial impacts on fish health and production profitability, according to the early findings of a three-year research project run by scientists in Norway, Denmark and Germany.

New Mexico hatchery gives threatened Gila trout fighting chance

A rare trout makes its home in the upper reaches of the Gila River of New Mexico and Arizona. The Gila trout (Oncorhynchus gilae) is native only to small headwater streams where it was landlocked thousands of years ago from sea-run Oncorhynchus species

The Best in RAS Filtration

Rotary microscreen drum filters are reliable, time-tested solutions for removal of fine suspended solids in recirculating systems. PR Aqua Rotofilters provide exceptional reliability and a long service life because they are constructed of the highest-quality materials and engineered for commercial aquaculture. Choose flow rate capacities from 50 to 7,000 gpm (11 to 1,590 m3/hr) and micron ratings from 11–80. All are economical and efficient. With local spare parts as well as maintenance and service contracts and service personnel in Canada and the U.S., Pentair has the resources to keep your operation running smoothly. >> Find out more on
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Scalable Scampi

There are reliable reports of single Zealand Scampi (Metanephrops Challengeri) selling for $20/fish, or $300/kg, overseas. While the fishery is well managed and healthy now, any fisher can tell you that unstable international prices caused by the inherent unreliability of wild catch is bad for business in the long term. A sustainable, reliable source of scampi is thus desirable to those seafood companies that target New Zealand scampi. Now, one company is pursuing that goal. » Read More

Selonda expands RAS to reduce nursery bottleneck

One of the key reasons industrial hatcheries in the Mediterranean needed RAS technologies was to significantly increase the volume of water available in their nurseries. This story profiles Selonda Aquaculture in Greece and its journey to expand its RAS implementation throughout its hatchery operations. » Read More