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November 9, 2018

New RAS facility in Norway to produce 3.2 million post-smolts

AquaOptima and Vikan Settefisk have partnered to build a smolt and post-smolt RAS facility on Frøya, Norway. The foundations are nearly complete, and the facility is scheduled for completion in late 2019, according to a statement from AquaOptima.

Researcher could help improve mitigation of fish diseases

Three researchers at Norwegian salmon and trout farming company Cermaq will be defending their doctoral degrees this fall. One of those researchers is Øyvind Brevik, a fish health biologist who has developed genotyping tools for identifying bacteria that cause disease in fish.

Russia plans large-scale modernization of state-owned hatcheries

Russian government agencies are planning a comprehensive modernization effort for 90 per cent of Russia’s state-owned hatcheries, Dan Belenkiy, chairman of the federal fishing complex operator Glavrybvod has unveiled recently.

Speakers at Aquaculture Innovation Europe discuss opportunities, challenges in genetics

Genetics is the number one driver of aquaculture growth and merit, capable of delivering year-on-year performance gains of 5 to 10 percent, while other sectors of industry innovation are giving producers a more modest one to two per cent a year extra, and that’s ‘if you’re lucky.’

Crest of success

Over more than two decades, Ontario’s Cedar Crest Trout Hatcheries has nurtured a family business to grow into a dominant player in the province’s fingerling market. For a company with such large operations (about 80 per cent of the Ontario fingerling market), Cedar Crest is at heart a small family-run business. » Read more

Hatchery Hacks: The indispensable mort collector

Unglamorous as it may be, mortality collection, classification and analysis are an essential job at any hatchery. Mort picking is generally treated as the worst job – because it usually is. However, its vital importance must not be lost when training new employees. » Read more